how do i take care of my very damaged 3b hair?

i am 13 and have VERY damaged 3B hair what do i do? i straighten my hair a lot because no one taught me how to take care of my hair when its curly. i also want to grow out my hair to my waist or my hips. Right now its about to be at my bra line. Can any one help because i would like to have it down for at least one day for school if it possible. Is it ? So i really could use anyone help, please

1 Answer

Hi there,First of all, stop straightening your curls when you already have damaged hair! Damaged hair does not become healthy in one day, it takes time and effort. Take a look at some of the methods in the articles on this site. When your hair is healthy and you start loving it then you should be able to wear your hair down almost all the time.