What can I do to take care of my hair?

I'm unsure of my curl pattern, but it seems to be in between 2c and 3a/3b But it's hard to figure out because my hair is short, it's finally growing from constant breakage after a terrible haircut from 2 years ago and constant hair dying (terrible mistake). But my hair seems to be healthier now. Anyways, I do want my hair to grow, but that is the least of my concerns because I want it to be as healthy as possible. I put away my flat iron for the summer and the blow dryer, I've been using coconut oil and peppermint oil to deep condition, I try to do it weekly or biweekly. I also noticed thinning at the hairline, my widows peak isn't as full looking, and the baby hairs that used to be there are gone. How do I fix this? And is it reversible? A lot of how I learned to care for my hair is the internet, but I feel like I still don't know enough. Is this a trial and error type of experience because all hair is different? Should I be using something else, is coconut oil too heavy for my hair type? My hair is thick, when it's in it's natural state, if that helps. I'm not sure I'm a confused mess really. 

2 Answers

It seems your hair is thinning. Make sure you research what may be causing this since you didn't give anything in your question for me to figure it out.
well if your hair is thinning , I would use a protein treatment .Protein helps to strengthen your hair strands , but it also dries your hair out .So after the protein treatment you should use a deep conditioner to give your strands moisture . This is a trial and error for you because everyone's hair is different . You need to find the products that work the best for you.  I would also go buy a real deep conditioner from the store and just add some coconut oil and peppermint oil in it I also must warn you that putting straight peppermint oil on hair can make some scalps irritated because it's such a strong oil so mix it in with something