How do I care for my hair. I have type 3b hair? Its frizzy from the shampoo washes I do dailey

none of my family has hair like me so I've never known how to take care of it. I wash it every day with bad shampoo which I didn't know was bad before I found this site. How do I care for my hair. Its frizzy and I don't know where to start with it.

2 Answers

Start by quitting shampoo. It should help your hair significantly. Next find out what kind of hair you have . . . what kind of curls, porosity, density. Then work on finding products that will work for your hair type. It seems like an overwhelming challenge, but its not to bad once you can classify your hair! Get a wide tooth shower comb and throw away your brush. your hair will thank you!
I just started this method and it was confusing and I'm still figuring it out. First thing you need to do is get rid of your shampoo, you can co-wash (washing with conditioner), you can use aloe vera and glycerin, baking soda or switch to a sulfate free shampoo. Next is to stop washing daily, this represents a challenge if your hair looks great next morning, you have nothing to do. But if it doesn't spray water to wake the curls up and you might need to apply just a bit of product. I go to the gym so about the third day I feel the need to wash but I only use water and my fingers to remove dirt. I thought it would be a mess not to wash that often, but actually my hair looks and feels better.After shampoo comes conditioner, apply it and leave it for 5 min, meanwhile you can do other things in the shower, before rinsing comb it with your fingers or with a wide tooth comb. Use an old cotton tshirt to dry the hair. Finally depending on your hair find the right product, apply and style. Air dry is better. It's all confusing and overwhealming specially if you are the only curly in your family