I have changed over my shampoo and conditioner to Shea Moisture's, but it feels dry

I changed my shampoo and conditioner over to Shea Moisture's coconut and hibiscus Shampoo and conditioner. After my first time using it, my hair felt dry and stringy. Is this just a change over issue? Or will my hair always feel like this? I'm not sure if the ends of my hair are heat damaged (but my new growth doesn't feel that good either and my ends still curly like normal with the wen hair co-wash) or dry (I haven't gotten a cut in 8 months, maybe thats it?)I've been trying a lot of different shampoo and conditioners: 1. sally's beauty supply shampoo and conditioner (lots of bad stuff in the ingredients, but it makes my hair 'feel' soft)2. Wen hair co-wash thin (great slip, makes my hair 'feel' soft)3. Shea Moisture's shampoo and conditioner (makes my hair feel dry and stringy with struggling curls)Is this my actual nature of hair? or is it just the shea moisture? Any comments. After washing I leave in some conditioner and do two loose braids

2 Answers

your probably due for a trim, and try adding the leave in and then a oil of your type; try extra virgin olive oil
Do you know your hairs porosity? Shea butter is very heavy and will not penetrate a tight hair shaft. People with normal to low porosity tend to struggle with shea butter coating their hair, building up and making it stringy. Buildup also prevents water from penetrating, dehydrating your curls.