How can I clump bigger portion of my curls? And how to make it even to 2nd day curls?

I've been doing the CG method for 2 months now and I'm loving my curly hair! But I'm mostly just really loving it every time I wash it because comes 2nd day my hair is just a ball of frizz - exaggerating a bit there are still curls just that it's super dry no clumping and iz frizzy as heck. So I mostly just love love love my curls when they're wet and partially wet because (another problem) when it dries 100%, the clumping of my curls are clumped but not (if that makes sense lol), it's so frizzy and as if there's no moisture at all.How can I clump my curls properly (in bigger clumps if there's a way) and how can I make them survive til 2nd-3rd day? TIA

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