when do i put coconut oil in my hair?

recently,I asked a question how to care for my hair because I'm all new to hair care.one response said shampoo,condition use deep condioner the same day,and also use coconut oil.WHEN do I use coconut oil?and are these the only products I NEED to flaunt my 2c/3a hair?I'm not including things like hairspray or gel ,I mean products I truly must use.thankyou!!

1 Answer

Hi Amber Cordov, You do not have to use coconut oil, it's more of a treat for your hair every now and then. I would test coconut oil on your wet and dry hair first to see how it reacts. Your hair may or may not like it. My hair gets too greasy when I use coconut oil, so again...it varies from person to person. But I would check out this article to see all the ways you can use coconut oil. The top essential hair products that you need are: 1. Sulfate Free Shampoo (this will keep your hair from being dried out by harsh chemicals) 2. Silicone Free Conditioner (silicones cause build up, so I prefer to stay away from them) 3. Clarifying Shampoo (this is for those days when you do have build up and need to really clean your scalp) 4. Styler - that can be a curl cream, mousse, gel, or spray. Whatever your hair likes best. That's ALL you need. There are of course, things like deep conditioner and leave-in conditioner. Those are great for keeping your hair moisturized, but if your hair is not dry then you don't need it. If you are trying to keep the products to a minimum, then those 4 up above are all you need.