how should i comb my hair cause in tutorials it looks good cause i always part my hair in the middle

im a hijabi so if my hair is not in a bun because im out its in a pineapple bun while im at home but now i actually want to keep it curly when im at home but since i always part it in the middle it looks really weird when i flip it and all that . so i was wondering if anybody could tell me how i could sort that because i see youtubers like lauren lewis or sunkissedalba when they flip hair it looks gorgeous !!! please help a curly sister also as a side question i feel like my hair is really thin when its in its curls like i can feel air pass through my neck also i feel like my hair is my hairline is receding in some place f anybody could recommend help that would be very helpful

2 Answers

i think if you just try out a bunch of different parts, you might find one you like. but if that doesnt work you could bobby pin hair back to the way you want it. hope this helps!
thank you ill try