How do I combat ultimate shrinkage?

I did my big chop 1 year and 2 months ago. I basically got a buzz cut. After cutting my hair over a year ago, my hair still looks less than an inch long because I have extreme shrinkage. My hair is experiencing so much shrinkage to the point that it's majorly knotting up at the ends. How can I decrease my shrinkage and stop the knotting? Please help!

4 Answers

personally for my shrinkage I put my hair into 2 powderpuff girl style buns and it helps a lot. Or even doing flat twists could help 
As soon as I wash my hair right away I section it and twist it while its wet . I also use coconut setting lotion to control fizz and texture . Hair becomes longer when its twist after a good shampoo and conditioner treatment . Good luck !!
What you can do is do bantu knots.. It will help and also when you take it out, it  will leave nice curls
I've tried bantu knots, twist outs, and braids, but I always get the same poofy mess with no curl definition that only lasts for a day -_-  I usually:1) Condition my hair and then comb it2) Add cantu shea butter leave-in conditioner3) Add extra virgin coconut oil4) Add cantu shea butter hair lotion5) Section my hair, comb out all knots, then twist it6) Add shea butter curl defining cream7) Leave over nightWhat am I doing wrong? ...or does my hair just refuse to cooperate with me?