How do I come up with a regime for my hair?

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Lots of research, trial and error to find out what your hair likes and doesn't like. Good places to get tutorials and reviews are YouTube and our Product database:'s a general routine and some tips:The most important things to remember are to keep it moisturized and to keep it simple. Don't start buying every product you see and don't try to pre-poo, clarify, cleanse, hot oil treat, henna, deep condition, and style every time you wash.Try conditioner washing to retain moisture. Cleanse with conditioner or a real co-wash product twice a week or more if you are very active. Once a week might be enough, just find what works for you. If you like shampooing better still, try moisturizing shampoos. My favorites are SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo ( or Creme of Nature Argan Oil ( or another Shea Moisture shampoo ( Whatever you wash with, make sure its sulfate-free. Only shampoo once a week if you can (if you are only shampooing and not co-washing. If you also co-wash, trade your co-wash for shampoo at least once every two weeks).After cleansing use a rinse out conditioner or deep condition (as often as you feel your hair needs it–at least once a month or every time you swap your co-wash for shampoo). You can use regular conditioner and add olive oil (or another oil) to it to make your own deep conditioner. ( a water-based leave-in/moisturizer (water is the first ingredient) on damp hair. A lot of people (including me) like SheaMoisture products so that might be a good place to start. I specifically like the Extra Moisture Transitioning Milk as a moisturizer. Then, seal the moisture in with an oil or butter, like pure shea butter (just a bit), jojoba, grapeseed, avocado, argan oil...To refresh your hair in the mornings put some warm tap water or mix the water with conditioner or oil (trial and error to see what your hair needs or likes better) in a spray bottle and dampen your hair to make it easier to fluff it back up after sleeping on it. Sleep on a satin pillowcase or with your hair covered with a satin cap.I know it can be confusing and a lot to figure out, to see what works for your hair, but keep trying, do your research online, on youTube for product reviews, regimens and tips. Again, just keep your regimen as simple as possible and learn how to keep your hair moisturized, and which products are working and which ones aren't, while your hair is still short.I hope that helps!
WOW!! I think she very well covered it. I would simply add that you can base your regimen on your hair goals.  Since you do not have a photo attached I cannot give customized advice, however, if you are looking to grow your hair, you will adjust your regimen for hair growth.  If you want to maintain your look, or repair your hair, you will make the necessary steps to move in that direction.  So start there, with knowing what you want.  You will then make your decisions in these three categories Cleanse, Condition, Style and Maintenance ( trim or cut). Best wishes and please, let me know if I can help you more specifically!
I am just going back to my natural curls after washing and setting for years i started with researching the products. Then I went to Youtube and searched those products. Did I want to have to diffuse? Or sit under the dryer? What is the price of the products? How easy to get? I decided on the Shea Moisture line. My guess is I will try different products but I like the results. Now I am researching oils and deep conditioners Good luck.