How should I condition, style, and care for my hair?

Hair type: between 2b and 2cLow porosityVery fine, thinProne to fallout and breakageProne to build upProne to oilinessI have tried coconut oil treatments, honey masks and other methods of conditioning that seem to just make it oily and unmanageable. I can't even comb it with a wide tooth comb because it falls out in clumps. I don't color it, only highlight every 1 1/2-2 years. I've tried Just Natural "grow new hair" serum which seemed to help with fallout for awhile but has sort of plateaued now. I do not straighten and very rarely curl a few pieces on top to make it look more polished. I blow dry on medium heat with a diffuser every day now that it's cold outside. I wash every other day, sometimes every two days. No matter what I do, I seem to get a frizzy, stringy-type look where it is super noticeable how thin it is. Any help to make it more healthy, promote hair growth, and help with fallout would be SO appreciated, as I feel there's nothing left for me to try. 

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Hi Bainalissa14, There are a couple of things I think you can do for a better regimen. 1. "I have tried coconut oil treatments, honey masks and other methods of conditioning that seem to just make it oily and unmanageable." - I wouldn't recommend homemade hair masks, especially with coconut oil because your hair is low porosity. Therefore the oils will just sit on top of your hair shaft and not be absorbed. Instead, I would use a light deep conditioner (Aussie Moist 3 minute miracle is awesome). And definitely use heat with your deep treatments. Just deep condition and put your hair in a shower cap. Then use either a hooded dryer, a heat cap, or just sit under the blow dryer for about 15-30 minutes. That will help your hair pores open up and take in all the moisture. 2. I highly recommend reading this article about low porosity hair: it's full of great tips: Low Porosity hair is really tricky to care for. You want to stay away from super heavy products that will make your hair oily and stringy. I highly recommend the Briogeo line, as it's perfect for wavies who can't handle heavy product. Particularly, you might like the Briogeo Leave In + Definer:'s light enough that it won't weigh your hair down and give you stringy hair. With your hair type, you want something super light, such as mousse and gel. 4. As for the frizz, I would recommend finding a styler that will seal your hair and act as a barrier. Curl Keeper Original is a great serum that you can add on top of the Briogeo to act as that barrier. 5. You say you can't comb it because it falls off in clumps. That's a lot more normal than you think. I would use your fingers. You can be more gentle, and when you feel a knot you can stop and gently detangle it. A comb doesn't let you feel a knot coming until it's too late and you feel a tug on your scalp. 6. Don't fall for easy tricks like "growth serum" or any shampoos that say they promote growth. Good hair growth can't be helped topically. You can ensure hair growth by eating healthy, drinking lots of water, and giving yourself plenty of scalp massages to ensure your scalp isnt' getting clogged up. Other than that your hair regimen sounds good. Keep it up! Don't straighten regularly and wash your hair every 2 days or so. Good luck!