how do I create defined loose curls?

I'm mixed (mom is black and dad is Puerto rican/Dominican). In the front my hair is a 3b and the rest of it is more of a 3c but right around the middleit of my head it looses its curl and is just frizzy. Its very silky but frizz is always an issue. I want my hair to be a little looser but I'm not sure what styles to do to get that effect. I tried Bantu knots but they didn't work too wel. What should I do?

1 Answer

Try tying your hair in a pineapple (or the modified version if it's short) at night to help stretch your curls. Ponytails do that as well, just keep it loose so it doesn't tug *too* much. You could also lightly pull them down a few times while styling. I know for some that tends to work fairly well. Also, maybe try to find 'heavy' products that will weigh your curl down, and consequently make your curls appear 'looser'. I know that when I use certain gels (particularly Flat-Line Xtreme gel) it loosens my curls for some reason (I'm not sure the explanation for that). Just some ideas! :)