how do I get my 3b-3c curls back?! the heat damage & bleach has changed its pattern!

Now my hair is completely multitextured. Parts of my hair are straight & parts of it have 2b curls. So for the past year I haven't used any dyes, gels, or harsh chemicals. I barely use heat (only on a rare occasion). And I cut about 2-3 inches off. It slightly helped. Are there any products or treatments that will quickly help me get back to my natural curl pattern?

2 Answers

Hi! I looks like your ends are the straightest so that is good in term of finding more curls with the right changes. I think you will definitely benefit from a serious protein treatment which basically fills in the gaps of the hair that chemicals and heat have chipped away. Aphogee is well regarded as a great home treatment. RockynCurls on Youtube has a video about it. But ultimately it may require those most damaged ends to be cut off to see a more uniform curl pattern. It looks like you have tighter curls than that just waiting to emerge. You'll need to use a sulfate free shampoo, silicone free products, deep conditioner about 2-4x a month and skip days washing it. Check out the Curly Girl Method here or on YouTube and that will have you on your way. Also check out The Polished Curl and CurlyKatMarie --they have been helpful for me. Also if you click the Articles link top Left you can find lots of great info. You should look for the CG method there as well as Hair Porosity to get you started. Happy Curl journey!
I think a haircut is the best approach.