How can I get my curls back? Some parts of my hair are straight and some are curly :(

I've straighten my hair a lot in 2015 and it caused a lot of damaged to my hair, I have split ends and some parts of my hair are straight. I need some advice on how to get my curly hair back. What products should I use? Should I stop straightening my hair permanently? What are some methods to taking care of my hair? 

1 Answer

You don't have to never straighten your hair again, but you should definitely cut wayyyyy back on the heat and try to look up ways to safely straighten your hair (even though that's still no guarantee that damage won't occur). I would cut the split ends off as soon as possible because those will just cause your hair shaft to keep spitting until the whole strand is damaged. AS for the straight pieces, you can try protein rich products, but the only real way to fix heat damage (and yours sound relatively severe if your hair has gone from curly to straight) is to cut the hair  or let  grow out and then cut off the straight pieces....either way, you'll have to cut.