I See Curly Girls Everywhere Now. Do you?

Do you notice curly girls more now that you have changed your methods of caring for your curls? I just want to yank some of them aside and tell them how to care for their hair.Also whenever I see a hair makeover on TV and they are flattening out curls...argh, please leave those juicy curls in waiting alone!More of a comment really...but feel free to vent!

2 Answers

Well in the Black community there has been a natural movement so yeah I've been seeing a lot more curly girls of all textures IRL and in the media so much so that I've been seeing less and less relaxing products in beauty and hair stores and more and more curl enhancing products. I think it's a beautiful thing that more and more people are accepting their natural hair textures.  When it comes to society, European standards of beauty ( traditionally white features like straight hair, thin noses, thinner lips, whiter skin) always have been considered the epitome of beauty so the straightening of hair on makeover shows and things like that doesn't surprise me.
is your hair natural blonde. If not how can I achieve that color with my 2c hair