I am currently in highschool & I wear my hair most days In a ponytail. Hairstyles help?

i don't have much time I'm the mornings to do my hair so I would appreciate some simple hairstyles and I'm not very good at parting my hair either any tips on that too? Thank you so much

1 Answer

You try protective styles like Senegalese twists, box braids, or faux locs. These don't require any works in the morning so you can just get up and go without having to worry about your hair. You can also try twist outs and braid outs by twisting or braiding your hair at night and undoing them in the morning ( these don't require you to make any perfect parts unless you want to). Also try watching some YouTube videos on simple hairstyles for 4A hair. As for parting just keep trying different parts in your hair. Practice makes perfect.