Should I cut my hair?

My mom used to put a bunch of chemical products on my hair when I was little, and with time she kept on doing it and doing it until it looked straight enough for her. My friend cut my hair into straight bangs and  my roots go from a 3B transitioning to a 2B  and they end up straight. I dont know what to do with my hair and I don't know if I should cut it or let it grow (since that's what I've been told) and if I should cut then how? In need for also tips for hydratation and hair care overall 

2 Answers

If you think you are ready to handle your naturally curly hair then by all means, cut it down to the roots and let it grow out healthy and strong from there. You should probably go to a professional so you can get a good even cut.If you don't think you are ready yet or want to give it a little more time, then you should follow tips for women who are transitioning. -Low manipulation/No manipulation type of styles.-MOISTURE! MOISTURE! MOISTURE! (a.k.a DC frequently and often; Greenhouse effect as many times per week as you can afford).- Develop a routine and stick to it. - Try not to use "stressful" tools such as fine-toothed combs, harsh brushes, tight ponytails holders, etc. Personally, I would big chop. This way you can develop your regimen from the very beginning and learn your hair so when it gets longer, you will know exactly how to handle it, what works, what doesn't etc. Transitioning hair behaves differently than "natural" hair. 
amazing answer by rookie however personally I don't like my hair to short so if your struggling with not wanting to shave it all off you can transition for a few months wearing protective styles. However if your ready to take the plunge I day go for it!  I felt amazing when I finally cut off my dead damaged ends.