Do I have to cut my hair to recover my curls?

hello fellow NaturallyCurly community, I'm thankful to all of you who decided to read this question. How to start, I'm 26 years old, I was born curly. I didnt mind my curls when I was a child until high school where I was bullied a lot for my hair, I studied in a catholic femenine school were most of the girls had straight hair specially in my grade. However, teenager years were really hard and I grew up hating my hair until I left high school and started Uni, then I tried recivering my hair and I did, at that point I was really happy with my hair it was perfect my curls were amazing and I couldn't be happier with them. A while ago I lost my curls again, my hair grew a lot and now I don't have curls it's just like...not even wavy, frizzy, without shape ... I feel it's not good and I feel like I used to feel in high school. Today I went to the saloon asking how can I recover my hair and the only answer they had was... Cut it and it will bounce back up... No, wait a minute, for me that wasn't an answer when I was a child my hair was long and curly and beautiful and now it's just long... There's something wrong. I don't wanna cut my hair, I have cultural reasons not to, and I strongly believe that maybe I went to he wrong place looking for answers. Again, thank you for reading me. 

2 Answers

Unless you've done something (used heat, over manipulated, dyed it, used chemicals, otherwise mistreated) your hair, I don't why it would have changed on you. Has anything changed in your routine prior to the change in your hair? Otherwise, it might actually be do to the length of your hair :\ Assuming you have a looser curl pattern (somewhere in the 3s and down), it seems to be easier that as the hair grows, it tends to lose a bit of curl due to the weight of itself.Also, you must remember that you were shorter as a child. Meaning that hair that reached a certain part of you back then was shorter than that hair reaching the same place on you now would be. Ex: You were 3 feet tall when you were little and your hair reached mid back. Your hair was 18 inches. Now you're 5 foot 6 and your hair reaches mid back. Your hair would be 33 inches.
Hi, you said you "lost your curls" was it because of chemicals or heat damage ? In that case you can try protein treatments to try to make it look better, but if your hair is really damaged, it will stay damaged so I'm afraid that in that case the best solution would be to cut it, at least the most damaged bits.If your curls are no longer damaged, bear in mind that hair textures change throughout one's life. So your hair now might be totally different than when you were younger. So it might be less curly now than then so long hair could affect your pattern even thought it might not be the case when you were younger. In that case you might want to look into styling techniques to help define and stimulate your hair to clump together into curls like rake and shake or finger curling. What I like to do to define my long hair is to apply a light gel with the praying hand method while my hair is still soaking wet and then smooth between my fingers or the palm of my hands each individual curl. Then I scrunch gently to activate the curls and to squeeze out the exceeding water and then I let it air dry without touching my hair anymore until it's dry or I diffuse it. Some like to do plopping.Click here to learn about the rake and shake methodClick here to learn about the praying hand methodClick here to learn about ploppingYou'll generally want to choose light styling products to avoid weighting down your curls.Don't forget to moisturize your hair everyday and deep condition it regularly. If you co-wash don't forget to clarify once in a while to avoid built up that could weight down your curls.EDIT : oups, I haven't seen that there's already a good answer