I have damaged hair. When it is wet/dry=straight. Suggest on products I can use? Im naturally curly

My hair was very curly/wavy last year. Now it is a train wreck. My roots clunk together and I brush them mainly everyday. I use carol's daughter. I am a competitive swimmer and someone suggested using a charcoal based shampoo to get the chlorine out. I NEED HELP!!

1 Answer

I am also a competitive swimmer and I struggled with the same problem. I have practice everyday so I wash it everyday. I would suggest putting a leave in conditioner before getting in the pool so that there is a barrier between your hair and the chlorine. I suggest ouidad curl cream, all of their lines are good. Also, once a week I use the Redken all soft megs mask. This has two different serums in one tube, it can be a bit pricy but works wonders. I use this because all of those shampoos that get the chlorine out strip your hair of nutrients. Finally also use the same leave in conditioner after practice and try to air dry your curls before going to sleep. One last thing, ever since I cut my hair short and added layers it has been so much better. I thought that it would be hard to put in in a cap or out of my face for dry land but I just asked them to leave it just long enough that I can put it in a pony tail.