How do I deal with dry and tangled ends?

I was my hair either once a week, or once every other week. I always use a wide tooth comb or finger detangle, when conditioning/moisturizing/sealing, I focus on my ends(I make sure to get near the scalp/shaft of my hair as well.) I also trim my ends every so often. However it seems that no matter that I do by ends always seem a bit drier than the rest of my hair, and not only that they never seem to untangle. I feel as if I could detangle them all day and they would still be tangled. Should I trim my ends more often or am I using the wrong products. For products I use water mixed with aloe vera juice, and I seal it with either a coconut oil and olive oil mixture, or with a mango butter product. I have always had this issue since I went natural a few years ago.

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Hi sabesaly,Thank you for being thorough in explaining your current routine and products! I have felt your pain! My hair used to be tangled again at the ends right after detangling. I can't be positive of what is causing your tangles, but here are some things that I did or stopped doing, or that I noticed you are doing that might cause tangles/dryness. With that said, everyone who doesn't constantly maintain a short hair cut, has ends that are dryer than the rest of the hair. That hair is the oldest and has gone through the most, so naturally it doesn't hold moisture as well. There are things you can do to help.Things I did/stopped doing:Stopped using combs. Seriously. I threw them out. It seems that no matter how careful I am with a wide tooth comb, I end up doing some damage and producing tangled, "frizzy" hair when I use them. So I do not use combs for detangling. This works for me because of something else I stopped doing.My hair is pretty short so it doesn't matter to me if I can't do stretched styles that might seem to require the use of combs. But, regardless, when my hair was longer, I realized that the more I did braid outs and twist outs and other stretched styles or styles that require a lot of manipulation, whenever I tried to make them last for a week or more, I got ridiculously tangled ends. So, of course, since my hair is short right now its easier to stay away from those kinds of styles.Things you could do/stop doing:I know you said you trim "every so often" and I don't know how often that is, but if you find lots of tangling going on and its not yet "time for a trim", maybe it is time for another trim. You may also need to cut a bit more off to give yourself a fresh start. That is something I had to do too just like Brazilnutt suggested in her comment. When I cut off all the thin tangly ends as far up as they went, things got better. A protein treatment might help but, my hair doesn't really like most store bought ones, but it does like this homemade one: Cherry Lola Caramel Treatment. Its like a protein and deep moisturizing treatment in one. To answer your other question: I would suggest deep conditioning after regular protein treatments because sometimes they can seem drying.Some of the products you mentioned don't really work for my hair, but that doesn't mean they aren't working for you. My suggestion, however is that you try a different deep conditioner. The ones I like a lot tend to be pricey but since you don't use them often, you could get away with buying a good one that works really well and using that one mainly on your ends so it isn't wasted. The most shockingly amazing results I've gotten are from using Ouidad's Curl Recovery DC: (but the price tag!!) You can also try adding olive oil, argan oil, shea butter, or jojoba oil to your regular conditioner.I would also suggest trying a different leave-in. The aloe vera can actually leave hair feeling hard or dry sometimes. Coconut oil can also have that effect. Two good moisturizing leave-ins that I personally like are Oyin Handmade Hair Dew and SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Extra-Moisture Transitioning Milk. You may want to try the SheaMoisture product first since, ingredient-wise, its very different from what you are using now. If you look at the ingredients in the Hair Dew, they are actually on track with some of what you are using but there is cetearyl alcohol (a fatty alcohol used for conditioning) and behentremonium mesosulfate which gives conditioners good detangle-ability.Most likely all of these things are not causing the tangles or dryness at the ends so if you change anything, try one thing at a time. If its a product, change just one at a time and use it for a week or two unless the results are just unbearably bad. You may want to examine your ends to make sure you've trimmed off ends that feel thin/dry and prone to tangle. Those will need to go first (before you make other changes) if you have ends like that still lingering. If you're not quite ready to trim it off, see if some other changes at least improve things first.I hope something in there is helpful!