How often should I deep condition?

I have 2c hair type, it is really frizzy and I struggle with my hair since I cut it cause my top layers are really short and they loose definition esaily and become frizzy mess. I deep condition every week but sometimes it just weighs my hair down. What do you think?

2 Answers

Since you have been trying once a week and it seems to weigh your hair down, I say try going every 2 week, then even every month just to see what works for your hair.
You shouldn't change how often you deep condition your hair, you should change the deep conditioner you're using. The ingredients in the product may be too heavy on your hair causing the strands to be weighed down. Also, consider doing a full strand evaluation for overall density and the strand density of your hair. This will help you to research and purchase products that have lighter ingredients for your hair.