I died my hair last month and every since then it's been so dry and brittle! I have 4b hair btw.

I Died my hair last month I think and it's been sooooo dry no matter what I do. I always end up having to trim my hair and it's overly depressing me because my one year is coming up and I feel as if I'm showing no improvement. If any one has any tips or remedies or solutions they would be GREATLY appreciated . I like to think of myself as a natural hair care Stylist rather than a caregiver. I also have 4b high porosity hair if that help , suffer from single strand nots , breakage like nobodies business , and the back of my head is extremely itchy . 

2 Answers

Hi,Because you dyed your hair your hair has become damaged and brittle. Just oil your regularly once or twice a week use mild shampoo. You can try some home remedies or hair packs which will make your hair smooth. You can try banana and milk pack, avocado pack with yogurt and many more.
Hi Trillgalaxy,I also have 4b hair and my hair has color too. The only thing that helps me to keep the colored part of my hair well moisturized is deep conditioning on a weekly basis. I also apply leave in conditioner, and an oil to seal, whenever I am re-styling my hair.