Am I doing everything possible or should I pay to see a specialist?

getting a little frustrated with my curly hair... I've done research on what products to use and have been doing my best to maintain and condition etc... but nothing seems to work. When my hair is blow-dried it looks and feels healthy... its thick, soft, and just looks great. However, when it's wet it looks horrible! It looks and feels dry & brittle, stringy curls if any... frizzy, just looks not good lol...At this point i don't know what else to do and am considering seeing a "curly specialist" (if there are any) but before I drop big bucks for it I figured I'd ask you'll for tips? Please help! 

2 Answers

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Ok, several things are going on here. First, you have color treated hair. Not necessarily a bad thing nor does it mean your hair will never be right. I have bleached hair, so let me be the first to tell you, curls are one thing... color treated curls are another. You need to take a hard look at products you use and ensure they are moisturizing and perhaps even protein filled. You should deep condition at least once a week.It seems you are new at this. Two notes here, your hair may take a while to adjust and look ok. Another, you may subconsciously like your blown out hair more and will not see the curls for the beauty that they are. When I first started, every strand that didn't clump was a disaster and a failure to me. Either my hair got better or I got used to the frizz... I'm not sure. Probably both.Now with blow drying, that can cause heat damage. Your hair is straightened which tends to mask damage. On top of color, this damage can accumulate quickly. So either give three or so months without heat, or at the very least invest in a good heat protectant.Advice, I would start the curly girl method if you haven't already. No silicones. Sulfate shampoo sparingly just to remove buildup if it's a problem for you. I would co wash or sulfate free shampoo for the most part. Deep condition once a week at least... maybe twice a week for the first couple of months. Pre poo if you can as well. Do not use heat. Protein treatment as well. After three months, if your ends are still straight like in the pics, I would consider cutting them.All in all, your hair is beautiful both curly and straight! I'm confident that with a little tlc, your hair will be gorgeous in its natural state! Best of luck!