I don't know what to do anymore?!

I used to have really curly hair like ringlets. About 6 years ago i started texturizing my roots to loosen my curls a little bit. I do this about 2-3 times a year. My hair was by my lower back and then i cut it which made it a little bit straight due to the texturizer on the top. About 2 years ago i decided to try keratin and i did the keratin which washes out in 3 days and adds shine and softens the hair. The keratin did not change my hair in the way i would like it to all it did was add shine and soften it a little bit. My hair got a little bit straighter and now my hair is about 4 inches after my shoulder and it is straight in some places, wavy in some and curly in some and it isnt really soft in texture which i want it to be. My hair is also really thick which means i can't leave it out for long when it starts to dry because it starts to poof.I really need some advice on what to do to make it softer, and wavy and less thick. I would like my hair to be soft and wavy and not thick so that i can leave it out without having to put it up after an hour. I want to know if i should keratin it and if so what strength and type so i can tell my hairdresser and i would also like some advice on how to make it less thick.Someone please help i hate my hair!!

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