I dont know what to do with me hair

My hair is helpless and is makijg ne depressed. Its frizzy but curly at the same time. Its thick and it seemz that every time i brush it it either loses it curlys or getting more thicker and tangled. I dont even know what my hair type is! No one what to do ajd all i can do it put ir in a bun. I tried multiple hair products  and techniques but ut still doesnt work. It only looks good for five minutes when it has water on it. Im trying to make my hair less thick so it can hang. Whaf should i do? Please help me.What products should i use for thick curly frizzy hair?How do i make it hang?What should i do to maintain a healthg look?P.s i tried taking a pic but it would only let me upload a video

1 Answer

I have the same problem! my hair would frizz up really quickly. the way I've learned to make my hair a little less frizzy is to let it be , not to touch it all the time and definitely DO NOT BRUSH CURLY HAIR that will make it even more frizzy and tangled. Also using products that really coat all of your strands will make your hair non frizzy, a good conditioner or cream will definitely do that. In terms of making your hair hang, it all depends on your hair length, longer hair weighs down more than short or medium hair but you could try doing wash n gos with a gel and see how it works. Most gels usually elongate curls. If it doesn't do that  it's probably because your hair is too short or because it naturally grows out that way. The Shea moisture line is dedicate to thick curly hair if you haven't tried their hair line id advise you to I love it :p PS: I'm a fellow thick curly haired girl lol