I have very dry scalp and the dandruff has started caking around the temples. What would you suggest

I had been wearing my hair in locs the last past 7 years cut them Oct 2013. Now my scalp is itching and the scalp is forming patches of dandruff and it's also shedding really bad. And it's thinning out on the temples. 

3 Answers

My first piece of advice would be to BRUSH! I know that is usually a no no for curlies, but in this case your hair may be thinning because the oils that gather on your scalp have not been being spread through your hair.  So try to brush or comb at least every other day until the issue is taken care of. You can try many medicated or home remedies for dandruff.
First and foremost, I would go to a dermatologist. Sometimes we forget that the scalp is skin too! They are better equipped to give you a solution to that skin issue. May be irritation, dandruff, or dry scalp. (by the way dandruff and dry scalp aren't the same thing!)
Try an apple cider vinegar rinse: get a spray bottle, and pour 1 cup of hot water into it mixed with 2 tbsp of ACV. after you smapoo/ co-wash, spray it all over your scalp then massage it in. I focus in on the dry, flaky areas. Let it sit for a few minutes then rinse out! It does smell really bad and your hair may smell like it for a few days, but it has helped me a lot. If that doesn't work, go to a dermatologist. It may be something like seborrheic dermatitis (i suffer from it). When i went, i was given a topical ketoconazole shampoo. It worked, but it had sulfate in it so i decided to stop the treatment because i am sulfate-free. Hope this helps! :)