How do I get my edges to grow back now that I have did my big chop?

1 Answer

Disclaimer: I am speaking from  observationThe answer to this question mainly depends on what stage of hair loss you edges are in. If there slight fuzz or are the edges completely gone? Circulation and returning blood flow to the area will be the best thing for this. Reports have shown that massaging Black Castor Oil, Emu Oil, Temanu Oil, or Jojoba Oil (non-exclusive list) can help encourage circulation and growth. After some weeks, you should start to see stubble in the once bald or fuzzy area. However, if the area is completely bald, and has been for a long time before your big chop, you may not get that hair back because it has been pulled out from the root.  The edges are a vey sensitive place on most people's head. Try, also, not apply too much pressure to the area