how do I enhance my 3 year olds loose curls?

My 3 year old has always had very loose curls. I usually blow dry it strait because when it air dries it looks a little scraggly. But for the past few months, even after I blow dry it, the back curls back up a little.  That makes me think it is getting more curly, but it still doesn't look great when air dried. I have always had super strait hair, so I know nothing about enhancing her naturally curls. I have tried to blow dry it while scrunching, but it didn't turn out very good.  I have given her a few trims to help with the scraggly-ness, but she just has thin hair and it doesn't really make much of a difference. I use normal child shampoo, and then Kenra conditioner (she gets bad tangles). Please help! 

3 Answers

hello there! Being young myself I know things to help! Sulfates, silicones, and alcohol is most likely inside of the shampoo and conditioner she's using, getting things witout those harsh ingre will help with moisture
dont brush her hair, that's makes her curls basically deflate, comb it when its wet, then scrunch, and you have to scrunch alot in order for her curls to pop , putting gel in her hair when its wet to helps, creme too
and do not blow dry her hair, unless there is the diffuser in it, because regular blow driers throw the curls around and makes them very very frizzy, I hope this helps!! Good luck!