What do I do about the fuzzies breakage around my hair?

I finally have my hair curling the way I am happy with it. I can get several days out of my hair. But there's these awful fuzzy breakage things all over.I try to only use a giant clip when I put it up. I was pineapling it at night. I'm thinking this combined with rubbing on the pillow when I sleep might have caused it. I'm trying to go back to a satin hair cap to see if it helps but I stopped using these because they also broke the hair, I think. I do hot cap oil treatments once every 2-3mths. Only use a wide tooth comb or fingers in the shower. What else can I possibly do?  I find them very distracting to the rest of my hair. Anything I can do about this? 

1 Answer

Firstly I think you should understand protein and moisture balance in our hair. .then being focusing on moisturizing use olive oil it doesn't have protein. And apply some mask that doesn't have protein like banana , olive oil , honey etc. Breakage cause due to overload of protein or moisture in your hair so simply understand need then do treatment . In case your hair require protein then do protein treatment available so many in market or use egg, yogurt, mayyonise etc otherwise simply concentrate on moisture ..