I got a bad hair cut and know I need my hair to grow fast!

I got a bad hair cut, it's super short know it took me 3 years to grow my hair out and it wasn't even long know it's poofy, and dry looking I want to get my hair to my mid back how do I get my hair to grow super fast like an 1nch every 1-2 weeks 

1 Answer

I have a couple of suggestions.The first one, and the fastest is the inversion method. All you have to do is apply an oil of your choice onto your scalp and massage it for 2 minutes, then, flip your head over for 4 minutes. And that's it! Do that every day for one week and your will grow about an inch. So if you did it for 3 weeks, it would grow around almost 3 inches. This is because, by flipping your head over, the blood cells will go to your head and the oil on your scalp will help penetrate hair growth. But it does depend on your genes as well. If your hair take a long time grow, you won't see instant results until you have done it for a week. But it has helped me a lot. At the beginning of the year, my hair was only past my shoulders, but now, it's almost at my waist!Another tip is to ALWAYS moisturize! ALWAYS! It's super important because if your hair gets dry, it could break off and you'll have to cut it again.Hope this helped!