I got short & fine 4c hair with high Porosity/Density. How do I halt breakage after PS (3 wks old)?

I just removed my PS (shoulder length braids of 3 weeks old) and found that my hair has suffered a lot of breakage. Upon removing the braids, I detangled and then did a hot oil treatment (castor, olive and coconut oil 2 tbs each) which was held overnight. I have shampooed and did a DC (mayonnaise, honey and 2 egg yolks). Thereafter I have sealed with Shea butter. Am I on the right track? What am I doing not so well?This is a hair SOS!

1 Answer

Often the "protective style" of braids with extensions, ends up not being so protective. I always have pretty bad breakage. Especially since you have fine hair, I don't recommend adding the weight and tension of braid extensions. I have personally given up on that as a protective style, because it does not aid in length retention in our cases.I have low porosity hair, which is the opposite of yours, but I have been listening to what those with high porosity like, in terms of treatments. I think you are headed in the right direction, conditioning and protein treatments should help. How does your hair feel after those treatments? That should tell you more than anything I can suggest whether or not you are on the right track. If your hair is feeling moisturized and soft even amid the breakage, then you are doing fine. If its still feeling dry and brittle, you could try other protein/conditioning treatments: You could mixAvocado and oil or your favorite conditionerorYogurt made with whole milk (more fat is better for conditioning purposes) with conditioner and/or oilOnce you've added protein and moisture, be sure to seal it in always like you did with the shea butter.Tips for high porosity hairI hope that helps!