I have greasy hair by the end of day one.

I have greasy hair by the end of day one. I tried washing every three days for about 5mo, and it didn't help. It is still just as greasy as it was in the beginning. It tends to get really greasy at the scalp and then my ends are fairly dry. Back before I started washing every three days and was washing every day I would get dandruff-like flakes on my scalp, but those went away once I switched to washing every three days. I have type 2b hair. Any recommendations on what I should do? I can attach images if I need to.

2 Answers

Washing everyday may have been irritating and drying out your scalp, causing the dandruff flakes. You may want to try cowashing - I like Shea Moisture's African Black Soap Dandruff Masque - but that may not be great since you said your scalp gets oily. I'd still try it out though since washing it so often may be stripping your scalp of it's natural and causing you to produce excess in an attempt to balance out. You try a sulfate free shampoo? It gives a clean feeling without completely stripping your scalp, which may balance your out more. IT might also help with dry ends. Lastly, since it seems shampooing/washing so often may be drying out the ends of your hair, you could try a dry shampoo. That way you can absorb the oil on your scalp without having to take moisture from your ends.
Hi KaciaKardz, Oily scalp is a fairly common occurrence, but the fact that you're getting it on day 1 means you're probably using a product that is too oily and greasy for you. What products do you use? If you use any heavy creams or conditioners, it could be causing your greasy scalp. Let me know what products you're using (shampoo, conditioner, and stylers) and then we can go from there.