How can I grow back my edges?! I am a 4c btw.. And it's just they have always been givin me trouble!

they aren't that bad but I need a routine to help them grow... And also products that are inexpensive but effective ;) thanks

1 Answer

I've seen this work on 2 family members and read other success stories: Jamaican Black Castor Oil. The smallest size is $3.99 and the next size is only $6.99. I've always gotten the largest size at $10.99, but it lasts quite a while. Massage a little of the oil into your scalp at the edges daily. Do this for a least a month or two before you expect to start seeing results (it may take more or less time). It may take longer for your edges to fully recover, but keep applying the oil even after you start to see results so that the hairline can continue to thicken up.Take close up and far away photos before you start so that you can see proof of your hair growth. This helps especially when the growth seems slow, you may be able to look back at the photos and see that there has been some improvement.I hope that helps!