How could i grow my hair 3 inches in a year? (w/o products)

My hair is a bit more than shoulder length, i really want it to grow!!

2 Answers

Hi, if you are healthy and are eating a nutrient-rich diet, then your hair should grow half an inch each month, so you should be able to achieve 3 inches in a year. If you are finding that your hair won't grow it's possible that you're experiencing breakage, and that is why it doesn't seem like your hair is growing. Try manipulating/touching it as little as possible, stay away from heat tools, and make sure your hair is getting plenty of moisture from conditioning. This should help with breakage. Hope this helps!
If you are eating healthy and taking care of your hair it should grow approximately 6 inches within a year .. If your hair doesn't grow you may be experiencing breakage .. Stay away from heat , use protective styles and manipulate your hair as little as possible... Moisturize and Seal Daily and Deep Condition Weekly... Eat foods rich in Vitamins - especially vitamin B