How can I grow my hair really fast?

I cut my hair into a curly bob in February 2013, 2 years ago. Since then the front has only grown 2 inches past my shoulder, and the back has grown 2.5 inches past my neck. Someone please help me, I really want long hair for summer, thank you.

1 Answer

To be honest for years I have asked this question. In reality there is really no specific way to grow your hair faster. I do think that there is a process that you should go through. 1.) Try The Apple Cider Vinger Rinse:This cleanses your hair 100%. So all of the washing may feel like you are cleaning your hair but, may not be so. With this rinse it goes deep down to your pores and the roots of your hair.2.) LOC MethodI suggest the loc (Liquid, Oil, Cream) method because this gives your hair moisture and holds it in. All hair needs moisture to grow! If your hair is too dry, it will just break off and be damaged,3.) Protective StylingI suggest wearing braids of some sort so that your hair is protected for a while. Then buy a bottle with a nozzle to oil your hair when needed. Very simple and easy.