How do I keep my hair clean and moisturized properly from daily swimming???

I have type 4a hair that is low porosity. I have a swimming class in school Mondays through Fridays. How I prep my hair is by wetting my hair with tap water putting almond oil, conditioner(rinseout) and castor oil on top of my hair then a swim cap. When I get out the pool I use a co wash, conditioner and seal with shea butter. I used to seal with argan oil which dried my hair faster but with the shea butter it feel more moisturized. Am I doing too much to my hair. I'm trying to shampoo every two to three weeks and condition once a week. Anyone have any ideas on how I can protect my hair from chlrone daily without build up or strippping with shampoos. AKA coconut oil is not for my hair, it hates it

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