how do I get my hair back to curly?

hello there everybody,Last year I got myself a protein treatment which also relaxed my 3B type hair and after the roots grew for a bit I had to cut it off to a short bob because of split ends but now half of my hair is curly (at the roots) and the rest of it  straight. So does anyone know a heatless, chemical-free way to get it back to curly? I almost considered getting a perm but I've been told that it damages the hair specially that I have a thin, kind of weak hair. So is there any way to curl or straighten hair without heat or chemicals? Like maybe an overnight hair style that I can have in my hair and those type of things?Thanks a lot for the help!!

1 Answer

Braidouts are easy. I am someone who braids their hair overnight, every night to stretch my hair out. But what I do is:On wash day, I wash/ condition my hair as usual. Add my oil and leave-in, then add some gel, and braid over night. Next day, I usually pull it back in a puff. Then at night, I put my hair in the little braids and spray with a bit of water.What I like about  this method is at night, if my hair feels dry, I can add oil and leave in as required, braid up, and have waves the next day. If you want curls, you can twist and bantu knot. It sounds like you have chemically straightened hair, so you'd need to spray with water every ngiht I think, to activate the gel overngiht and have a nice tight hold to the waves or curls the next day.