How can I get my hair back to its original state?

Well i have (or had) very wavy/ curly hair that i loved and always took care of. However, i wanted a change (my hair is naturally very dark brown) so i bleached the mid-length to the ends of my hair blonde to get it blue. I did this but my curls have pretty much gone. Its very weird and annoying though because the ends of my hair are still pretty wavy/curly but the mid-lengths are practically straight, i do lots of hair conditioning treatments which leave my hair feeling soft but my curls don't seem to be coming back. So how can i recover my bleached, damaged hair?

1 Answer

Unfortunately, if you have been deep conditioning it and the curls still haven't come back, they might be gone. You could either just cut of the damaged parts and start fresh or you can do what is called transitioning and wait for your hair to grow and slowly cut off the damaged parts.. Sorry and good luck x