What should I do to my hair that is overconditioned?

I started co washing a lot and my hair is breaking. Should I shampoo and condition only once or twice a week? Should I deep condition once every two weeks? Does anyone have tips for me for second or third   day old hair?

3 Answers

what you said sounded like a good regimen . Here is the one that I follow :Monday : wash day Tuesday : nothing Wednesday : co wash day Thursday: nothing Friday : co wash day Saturday : nothing Sunday : nothing And it just repeats itself You should deep condition every 2 weeks . If you think that deep conditioning every 2 weeks is a lot , you could do it once a month.On days when it says "nothing " ( aka my third day hair)  I wake up and take my pineapple out and let it fall a little bit by itself for like 30 mins . Then when it's time to shower , I let my hair absorb the steam from the hot water so my curls will revert and look fresh , and it will reactivate my leave in conditioner from the day(s) before . To master this , I make sure I apply a moisturizing leave in conditioner while my hair is still dripping wet on wash day and then when it dries a tiny bit , I lightly apply a oil ( coconut oil ) to my hair to lock in the moisture , but I don't apply too much because I don't want my curls to be weighed down . Hope this helps ! 
Yes, you don't NEED to deep condition that often. I only deep condition once a month. Sometimes once every two weeks if my hair is dry. And you don't need to wash your hair that often. I only wash my hair twice a week. Some girls wash it once a week. Listen to your hair and see what it needs.
You SHOULD deep condition WEEKLY however, you should alternate between protein deep conditioners (giovanni nutrafix hair reconstructor is pretty good) and a moisturizing once. I would also suggest only washing your hair once a week and only wetting your hair when you need to refresh