What can I do for my hair it's type 3C and it's hard and dry. I put oil and water but it's still dry

3 Answers

Hello :)U can use banana n aloevera mask twice in a week . grind banana (very smoothly) add aloevera gel r juice + honey.. mix it well apply it on hair leave it for 1hr wash off with water.B Hpy:)
Do you only put water and oil in it? Only oil might dry your hair out, try using it after a leave in conditioner.
I have 3b/3c hair that gets very dry every  day I use a leave in conditioner followed by a penatrating oil such as coconut or olive oil then a styling cream or mousse. I wash my hair once every two to three weeks or so with sulfate free shampoo. In between I cowash and I deep condition atleast once a week.