Hello, So the problem I have with my hair is that it is super dry no matter what products I use and it is always tangled the morning after I wash it. In the picture I have tresmee naturals and herbal essences detangling spray. I have tired numerous leave ins but the either make my hair weird feeling, crunchy, dry or they do nothing. I don't know what I am doing wrong!! I have not used heat on my hair for 3 years. I use sulfate shampoos on occasion and I have a little bit of heat damage on the undersides of my hair. I am tired of buying every single product and none work for me. Could anyone help me with a routine for my hair because I think that is what is key to finding what will make my hair shiny and soft.\My current routine is: Shampoo with low sulfate or none once a week, condition with tresmee moisture or naturals detangle with tangle teezer. apply conditioner as leave in or use Curls Creme brulee. Add detangle spray and wait to air dry.

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