I have type 2C hair. Sometimes its really curly and others its just a mess. Any ideas why?

3 Answers

You probably just aren't using the right products. You need something that will define your curls more, so that your hair days are more predictable. Keep experimenting with products until you find your right routine. My biggest tip is style your hair SOAKING wet. It reduces frizz and increases definition.
I agree the best curl definition results are styling when it is wet. i use a few tricks, use a cloth or tshirt to take out the excess water. after you take out some of the water, apply a cream gel. i see better hold from cream gels and mousse. if you hair is think, you may need more product than you expect. another trick is that a diffuser can help keep the curls defined if you do it right when it is wet. again, keep cocktailing various products. i like to mix and match to get the best results. 
Have you found the right products to define your curls? I have the same problem. I'm still working on it. :/ Even harder for me since I have extremely LOW porosity and extremely LOW density.