I have very dry, corase, straw like hair. Please help me!

I am 28 now and I have been permanently straightening my hair (Japanese straightening) every year since I was 20. Now I wanted to give it a break and pamper it, but it looks so so bad, it makes me depressed. I do not want to straighten again since I loose hair, but Im at my wits end. The straightening is growing out and the new hair looks like dry hay, and sticks out. My hair is dry, damaged and coarse. its type 2a type waves but only more limp and dry. I apply a mixture of olive oil and coconut oil twice a week, and also apply a mixture of egg, yoghurt, and mayonnaise once a week but this somehow seems to make my hair dryer still when I wash it. Right now I am using L'Oreal Professional Serie Expert Paris Absolut Repair Cellular Shampoo, and the same rinse off conditioner. Will a leave-in conditioner help? Im planning to replace my shampoo, maybe that will help? I was wondering whether I should go with Matrix hydratherapie range. Will this help? Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks a ton for your time.PS: A lot of shampoos and conditioners I read about online are not available in India. It would be nice if you could suggest products available here.

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Yes, a leave in conditioner will definitely help! I recommend a product line called "Shea moisture". It moisturizes hair really well, and tames frizz. I think once you moisturize your hair, it will become less straw-like. Here are four popular ways to moisturize curly hair:1. "LOC method": L- Apply any liquid product of your choice, or if you cant, just use water                              O- Use your favorite oil or butter cream, like Olive oil, or Coconut oil                              C- Finish by applying your favorite styling cream2. Deep conditioning: Purchase a deep conditioner, or use your regular conditioner, apply it to your hair. Tie a plastic bag or shower cap over your hair, and leave it in for an hour. Then you can rinse. It's best to do this only once a week.*You can also try a homemade hair mask. You can find recipies online, they are very inexpensive, and they work wonders!! :)3. Hot oil treatment: Heat up an oil (Search for the best oils for curly hair. My personal favorite is JBCO, and olive oil), and apply in to your scalp and hair. Tie a plastic bag or shower cap over your hair, leave in in for about 30 minutes, then rinse. I do this only once a month.4. Many curlies use the "Moisturize and seal" method. I don't know much about this method, but it may be worth looking into. One tip that I must give you is that shampoo will DRY your hair out, causing it to look brittle and frizzy. Do NOT shampoo daily. If you must, only do it once a week. This may sound gross, but try to not use shampoo. You can "co-wash" your hair instead (Washing with conditioner), you can use vinegar and baking soda to clean your hair (Apply cider vinegar makes your hair super shiny), or you can purchase a no-sulfates and no-sillicons shampoo (These can be expensive though). I hope I helped!! :)