I have very thick 2c hair and need help defining my curls & eliminating frizz and poof

2 Answers

I have 2C hair too, and I find that the most effective way of eliminating frizz for me is using a leave in conditioner when my hair is wet just out of the shower. I also like to mix a little bit of oil in with the leave in and apply that to the middle and ends of my hair (not at the root). If you haven't tried using a diffuser to dry your hair, that can help with definition (eliminating frizz and poof) just make sure you have your heat setting on cool. It sounds like you could also use a good styler, I like curl creams like AG Beach Bomb, Redken's Curvaceous Curls, and L'Oreal EverCurl's Cream-Gel.
What kind of products are you using to wash your hair? I found that Wen cleansing conditioner works great. It's one of the few products I use. Sure there are other sulfate-free shampoos but they still dry out my hair and frizz it up. So I just go ahead and spend the extra money to buy Wen because it works. I also use it as a leave-in conditioner and my  hair does not frizz or feel crunchy once it dries (I only air dry). By the way, I am mixed and so my hair tends to be rougher and frizzier than the typical 2C hair type photos. Hope this helps.