how can I help my hair grow??

I've been strengthening my hair for more then 10 years now. I'm mixed (black and white) and as I've grown older I didn't like my curly hair but loved my straight hair. I've strengthed my hair so much that a after I wash it, it stays straight but it's really frizzy and puffy. I want my hair to grow! I've been going to all types of hair dressers and they all put relaxers in my hair which seems to make my hair worse. They all tell me I can add no heat to it but if I don't then my hair looks crazy! It's summer here and I'm looking for some ways and hairstyles to help grow it out and protect it. I don't live with or talk to any of my African American side of my family so white peoples have been taking care of my hair and they made it worse. 

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