what can i do to help my hair? haircut suggestions? How to make myself like my hair? please! help!

Okay guys please help me! I am so insecure about my hair I don't know what to do. I used to flat iron my hair so much I had major heat damage. It was bad but recently I decided to go natural. I cut off bits and inches of my hair little by little. I have no split ends what so ever. BUT, yet my hair still doesn't look healthy. Its been awhile since I flat ironed my hair and I do deep treatments all the time. I even recently did a protein treatment. I don't wash my hair everyday. I do everything right. My hair is shoulder length with no layers. I hate my hair soooo much. I literally feel so ugly with my natural hair. It frizzes when I put moose or gel in it. When I use all natural products such as Shea moistures it gets really oily. And the worst part is the left side of my hair doesn't curl as much. The left side of my hair can be describes as type 2a while the right is 2c. I hate it so much. Why does it do that? I've been trying to grow my hair and it's taking forever. Maybe I can get a haircut? But its so short already and I don't want another salon mistake. Please guys give me advice. I feel like people stare at my hair and I don't feel pretty. My hair is so confusing. I can't deal with it any longer. Ive done so much research on YouTube with people with curly hair but no one seems to have the hair I have. Please help me! 

1 Answer

You can try short layers in your hair first until it grows out a bit more. Since it has so much damage I would try being patient and just give it as much TLC as you can until it repairs. I would go to a stylist that has experience with curly hair. I always be sure to ask them if they have cut curly hair before or if they have curly hair themselves.  They will know how to work with it.It took me YEARS to figure out how to take care of my curls. It takes a lot of time and experimentation but don't give up. Give up the flat iron and just keep using the deep conditioners or hair masks. Make sure you aren't using sulfate shampoos of course.