Should I or should I not do a protein treatment on low porosity/fine hair?

Hello fellow curlies,First of, I'm not a native English speaker so spelling/grammar lovers, be warned.I have a really hard time determining whether or not I should do a protein treatment.On some websites/blogs it says that low po/fine hair doesn't need protein while on others it's definitely a good idea. My hair is quite fine- in other words listless, flat, flyawayish and limp. And I have low porosity hair, as in really, really low porosity (when I did the glass test, I left my hair in the bowl overnight just to see what would happen, and the next morning it was still floating on top). I've gone completely CG so no silicones/sls's, I wash with a sls free shampoo, condition in the shower, rinse with warm water, use leave-in conditioner while hair is still damp, seal with jojoba and use a curl activator. I oil-pre shampoo about once a week and deep condition every 2 weeks. Granted I've just started 4-5 weeks ago so maybe I need to give it some more time but I really wonder if my hair could use a protein treatment? I appreciate any advice you might have and thank you in advance. :-) Newbie

2 Answers

sounds like you are doing all the right things . You said everything that I was going to tell you . Protein treatment are very good for your hair. You are giving your hair life when u deep condition it and  , moisturize it . 
protein should be used for hair that is suffering from breakage such as heat damage or chemical abuse. it's supposed to repair your hair. i recommend following that treatment with a hydrating mask for added moisture. unless you have damaged hair, don't use protein too frequently. hydrate hydrate and hydrate for added shine and bounce. my blog has helpful tips