I have no idea what my hair type is, I want my curls a lot more loose so I can where my hair down?

I see all these girls with long beautiful curls. I'm mixed with black and white I love my hair don't get me wrong but I can't where it down because its always frizzy when it dries so I have to where it in a pony tail. I just want my curls longer and looser and less frizzy so I can go without wearing it up all the time it gets old and boring I want beautiful curly hair help!

1 Answer

I'm not too sure if it will help loosen curls but you could use sulfate free/silicone free and also sodium free products. It will also be helpful if you follow the no poo method or co-washing which is beneficial for all 3 hair types. This will help with retaining moisture in your hair without stripping the natural oils off your hair. You could also try protein treatments or deep conditioning which will help with frizzy hair. You can also try using hot oils like argan oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, castor oil or shea butter. There are lots of reviews about using these products on youtube. Hope I helped.