I have no idea what I'm doing.

so I know I have Tybee 3b hair but it's pretty thin. I have no clue what my daily regime should be to keep my curls healthy and beautiful. I love my curly hair I just need help taking care of it. The picture I added was of my hair wet

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Hi Julianna,I don't see any picture :)Routines are mostly personal, but to start off you could indeed ask others of your hairtype what they use. You'll have to look for yourself what works best for your hair.I want to give you the good advice to look for products that are made for your hair. If your hair is rather frizzy, than go look for products that reduce frizz. If your hair is dry, than look for products for dry hair. If your hair is fragile, than look for products for fragile hair. I'll tell you what I currently use. My hair is type 3B (or maybe 3A) and it's a bit dry. My standard conditioner is 'Garnier, mythic olives'. I recently discovered the conditioning balm 'L'oréal Botanicals for dry hair' and it's A-MA-ZING. This conditioner has been my saving grace so far, but it's not a cheap one. So I use this one once a week and keep the other one as my regular conditioner. It makes my hair feel incredibly soft, it smells good and very natural and it helped my hair a lot! I also bought the Botanicals hair mask for frizzy hair. I also use extra virgin coconut oil, which I usually apply right after I 'dried' my hair with an old T-shirt. When almost dry, I use my instant, leave-in conditioner spray. It's from an unknown brand here: Lovea nature. I use this to make my hair extra defined and bouncy. The thing is to try and try and try and most importantly: listen to your hair. I hope this helped. Good luck!