I have no idea what I'm doing, Help?

Okay, so I have really thick hair, to the point that hair dressers actually comment on it, and it's always had waves but as I've been aging it's gotten curlier and curlier, to the point that I actually can't run my fingers through it, without some serious effort. I cut it down to a pixie cut about a year ago, thinking it might help me manage it because I've never been particularly good at anything beauty related. Surprise, surprise, it hasn't. So it'd be really awesome if someone could give me some basic-as-hell pointers, and maybe some start out products. I think I'm a 2C maybe a 3A?I'd really like to emphasize how much of a novice I am at this, so please, if you're frustrated easily maybe skip this one.

1 Answer

Hi Alastrine,Sounds like we have the same hair type and I am relatively new to the CG method and have found a few things that have helped. Basics would be: 1. Figure out your hair type. 2. Figure out your hair porosity. 3. Understand the water you use and the dew point in your area. 4. Realize the CG method isn't a cure-all. Some days your hair will cooperate and some days it won't so much, just accept it as it is. 5. There is a lot of trial and error in figuring out what works for you. Do Google and Youtube searches for your hair type. I keep a daily  journal for my hair. It includes a brief description of what I did for the day as far as products for cowash and  leave-ins, protein treatments, etc and methods. I make a note of how my hair looked for the day. That way I found what worked fairly quickly. All this seems like a lot of work, but it really pays off in understanding your unique curls and their beauty. I use relatively inexpensive drugstore products for now because they work for me. Here's my list. Co-wash Tresemme Botanique conditioner. Leave-ins Garnier Marvelous Oil and John Frieda Dream Curls and As I Am Curling Jelly. Squish those in for two minutes each. Plop hair in a t-shirt or flour sack towel for 20 minutes. Remove plop and gently adjust curls in place. Diffuse only the crown briefly for a little lift and then air dry for approximately two hours. Scrunch out gel cast when completely dry. This works for me, but may not for you....just be patient and keep trying! Christine