how do i know my ends are splitting ? What can i do to prevent them with a TWA ?

Good Morning my TWA seems to getting split ends idk why or how i was wondering if anyone had any tips for preventing them ? 

1 Answer

Taking special care when combing your hair is important. When I switched to finger detangling and finger combing and styling my hair only with fingers, my split ends and breakage virtually disappeared. Also, your end's are the oldest part of your hair so they have been through the most. You may try "dusting" your ends or trimming them to see if that helps (dusting is a very, very minimal trimming of the ends, such that what you trim of is as fine as dust). Maybe try every 4-6 months?? You don't want to do it too often. You can dust maybe every 1-2 months or more if you feel you need to and you think its helpful. Be sure to give special love to your ends with your moisturizers and oils :)I hope that helps!